Updates and More

i June 3rd, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director


I hope everyone is praying for summer to get here as much as I am :) I want to show my gratitude for all the support that you give The Haven on a daily basis. I know I sound like a broken record...However, I will say that without you The Haven would not be able to sustain. Thank you, THANK YOU! Here are some updates on The Haven's guest status as well as up coming events:

Guest Status:

We currently have 4 guests in shelter. We had one guest move into his own apartment on May 29th. I have an intake for another potential guest. We will be up to 5 guests by the end of the week.

Employee status:

We hired (which some of you already know) an every weekend daytime Shelter Monitor. Her name is Joanne. She is doing a phenomenal job! We are hiring for the every weekend overnight Shelter Monitor position. Please spread the word. I posted the job description on Facebook and will post it on our website as well. As far as coverage for this weekend, I have Friday and Saturday overnight covered, but not Sunday overnight. Let me know if someone would be willing to cover that shift. Also, I have a volunteer that has been covering for us but will need transportation to and from The Haven. If anyone can help with transportation for Robert that would be great!


We are having a brat fry on June 13th at The Haven from 10am-3pm. I believe Jenine sent out an email looking for those willing to donate paper plates (big and small), napkins, butter, coolers, and baked goods. Most importantly, YOU!! We could use your help that day. We will need help with setting up (starting at 7am), selling food/baked goods, and tear down. Please let me know if you can help. Our next volunteer committee meeting will be held on Monday June 8th at 6pm at The Haven. Please attend if you can.

That's all for now. Please let me know if you have any questions.