Help Needed

i March 22nd, 2021 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for volunteers to help with some events this summer!.

On July 17th we will be doing a 50/50 raffle at the 141 Speedway and need help to sell the tickets.

On August 8th we are holding an event at The Wharf . Contact the Haven for more information

In October we will be having our Annual Cardboard City Event . More info to come.

Please let me know if any of these events interest you. (920) read more...

Items needed

i March 17th, 2021 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

The Haven is looking for Adult Coloring books and colored pencils and markers. read more...

Help needed

i February 12th, 2021 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

Hello! The Haven is in need of 2 part time staff persons. One shift is for every other Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm and the other shift will be Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 4 pm to midnight. This position is temporary for now with the opportunity to become permanent on June 1, 2021. Please contact the Haven of Manitowoc (920) 652-9110 for more read more...

Help us Raise Funds

i January 15th, 2021 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, we are taking pre orders for Kwik Trip Scrip cards for The Haven. If interested please contact us and we will take your order, arrange payment and let you know when the cards come in. The cards can be for fuel only, car washes, or regular gift cards. (920) 652-9110. read more...

Items needed

i December 7th, 2020 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

Hello everyone! We are in need of dish soap, air fresheners ( solids and sprays ), hair brushes, and real mayonnaise . Thank you in read more...

Merry Christmas from All of Us

i December 4th, 2020 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

We would like to wish all of our supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. This year has definitely been a challenging one for all of us. With the support of the entire community we have been able to continue to assist homeless men from the area by providing case management services,life skills education, budget counseling, and connections to key agencies that help men self-resolve.

Thank you all again and Merry

Life's All Here

i October 18th, 2019 by Jenine Soucoup, Volunteer Coordinator

Please visit Life's All here website to check out opportunities in the area on LinkedIn on Facebook and Instagram read more...

It's Spring!!

i May 2nd, 2016 by Michael Etheridge, Director


The Haven is doing great! The Haven celebrated two years in operation. We had food and fellowship! Thanks to all who came out an celebrated with us! In my last blog, the Haven announced that we were increasing our number of guests served from 8 to 12 men. We were full (at 12) all of January and February and have a waiting list of about 9 men who need The Haven's services. The Haven had 4 guests successfully transition out into adequate housing. One of those guests will be in our read more...

It's been a while

i January 25th, 2016 by Michael Etheridge, Director

Happy New Year!

We had a great 2015! We served 61 men and provided 2,243 over night stays at the Haven. 38 of the 61 men we served transitioned successfully from the Haven Program! I am happy to say that as of January 1, 2016, The Haven has expanded it's services opening four beds to serve 12 men. Now that we are able to serve more men, this means we need more volunteers. Jenine (our awesome volunteer coordinator) has done a great job scheduling volunteers to work in conjunction with read more...

October update

i October 16th, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director


Fall is here! The Haven is thriving as we have been open for 1 year and 6 months as of yesterday. We have worked on our Mission and Vision statements to capture what the Haven stands for and where the Haven is going. I am excited about our future and continued success! With that being said here are some updates:

Guest update:

We have six guests in shelter. Three out of the six guests are working and saving money. One guest is scheduled to transition to his apartment in read more...


i September 11th, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director


Haven Guest update:

The summer is almost coming to an end! Everything is going well. We are full! All 8 of our guests are working and saving money. They are all on track with their goal development plans, too. There are 25 men on our wait list.

Shelter Monitor update:

We had interviews this week for an overnight shelter monitor. We are still in the interviewing process. The position is posted on the Job Center's website. You can still apply! The Haven's Board of read more...

Ken on WBAY Channel 2

i June 17th, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director

Please see Ken (one of our board members) on WBAY channel 2 tonight. See this link: read more...


i June 16th, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director


I wanted to give you an update on our brat fry/bake sale. We made.....(drum role)....$1,609.74. This includes brat fry, bake sale, Haven t-shirts, first aid kits, and Haven's Heavenly Hats. This is not bad considering we had inclement weather. I would like to thank the volunteers that helped Jenine, Cindy, Dick, Mike, Taybee (and her husband), Mary, Robert, Kathy, Al, Joyce ( and her group of helpers for the hats), Larry, Keith, and Amanda. I look forward to this event next read more...

Updates and More

i June 3rd, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director


I hope everyone is praying for summer to get here as much as I am :) I want to show my gratitude for all the support that you give The Haven on a daily basis. I know I sound like a broken record...However, I will say that without you The Haven would not be able to sustain. Thank you, THANK YOU! Here are some updates on The Haven's guest status as well as up coming events:

Guest Status:

We currently have 4 guests in shelter. We had one guest move into his own apartment on May read more...

Website Launch

i April 26th, 2015 by Michael Etheridge, Associate Director


On this day - Sunday, April 26, 2015 - The Haven of Manitowoc County has launched a new website. This website is full of information, which includes events, blog information, current stats, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Please take time to spread the word about our new website.

God